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2015 Asset Raising Opportunities

Attention fund managers: Looking for a more integrated yet cost-effective approach to your 2015 asset raising plans? Take advantage of this unique opportunity set: 1. Capital Club – Virtual introduction service powered by Hedge Connection’s patented technology, only $500 annual membership plus cost of accepted investor introductions.  What’s unique? Accepted introductions always conclude with a scheduled phone call between manager and investor.  Join now. 2. Custom video, February 10 in New York – Describe your expertise while leveraging the impact of professional multimedia ...

Optimizing 2014 Marketing Strategies for Emerging Hedge Fund Managers

Which marketing strategies should emerging managers pursue for 2014 to be seen and heard as well as understood by investors in a crowded marketplace? What are institutional investors really looking for? How can branding help? Will the JOBS Act provide real benefits?

Getting Fund Marketing Right

HFMWeek article “Getting Fund Marketing Right” by Andre Boreas and Holly Singer discusses hedge fund marketing best practices and effective communication techniques.

Change is Here! JOBS Act Rules become effective September 23, 2013

The long-awaited JOBS Act Rules become effective September 23, 2013, dramatically expanding the marketing flexibility for managers of private funds.

Navigating the post-JOBS Act sea change

Marketing takeaways for hedge fund managers seeking to benefit from JOBS Act free speech while competing for assets from increasingly savvy investors.

Be Heard. Be Seen. Be Understood.

HS Marketing launches new website. Be heard, seen and understood.

Communication vs. Communications: With or Without JOBS Act Final Rule copy

Should you be more concerned with communication or communications? The short answer is “both.”

Preparing for a Marketing Sea Change . . . Post-JOBS Act

The marketing of private placements is expected to undergo a sea change in communication opportunities and some challenges resulting from the SEC vote as of August 29, 2012 to eliminate the ban on general solicitation and advertising, as required by the JOBS Act. Once this proposed rule is finalized, hedge funds will face a wide range of external communication options that were previously unavailable for this space.

Branding Your Business More Dynamically

The process of building your brand offers opportunities to showcase your capabilities using dynamic marketing tools that may reinforce your communications strategy. Creating a compelling message isn’t enough. What can you do to help your target audience hear and see you? Which tactics will engage them in a more meaningful way?

Leveraging Your Communication Alpha

“Communication alpha” may be considered a source of value in supporting hedge fund managers’ marketing, asset raising and retention objectives, reflecting both the capability and willingness to deliver clear, consistent, frequent messages to investors.

Using Email Effectively to Enhance Investor Relations

In this eletter we suggest ways to enhance your client relationship management — not by substituting electronic communication for human contact, but rather by enhancing your offline relationships with new tools. We are all constantly reminded that we live in “the digital age,” yet many firms in the funds management and the service provider space leave an opportunity on the table by failing to employ current, legitimate marketing technologies that complement and enhance brand building efforts. Eschewing emarketing ...

Keeping Your Website Secure and Your (Investors’) Data Safe

Prompted by questions from some of our hedge fund manager clients regarding the recent headlines about data security breaches and “cloud” computing catastrophes1, we are writing to offer some suggestions about how to protect your company’s valuable information on your website.

Your Story: Pitch by Examples

Your storyline needs a pitch with real examples. Whether you are a fund manager or a service provider, your audience will better understand your business and gain a higher level of trust by hearing specific case studies.

Key Ingredients: Marketing Adaptability and Resilience

A “one size fits all” approach to raising assets in the current environment calls for a new roadmap focused on marketing adaptability and resilience. As the full spectrum of hedge fund investors reflects distinct levels of asset allocation criteria and risk tolerance, managers need to closely assess their readiness within their own business lifecycle to target a specific level from retail through institutions rather than consider investors a homogeneous monolith.

Marketing vs. Legal/Compliance: Developing an Alternative Investment Website

Your web site represents a critical point of contact and may provide a robust communications portal in an increasingly digital 24/7 marketplace. Our challenge as a service provider is to deliver an informative message, provide for fresh content, reinforce your branding and take advantage of visibility opportunities while complying with regulatory restrictions.

First Impressions Become Lasting Impressions. Branding as an Asset

The concept of brand identity revolves around the public’s impressions of your firm’s qualities and shortcomings. Successful branding is becoming an increasingly important and integral component of long-term client relationships that extend beyond reliance on investment performance to attract and retain assets.

Creating Compelling Performance Reports

In view of increasingly keen competition to attract and retain assets, it is imperative that a manager present winning performance reports.

Improving Your Website’s Search Visibility

Have you wondered how your target audience will find you on the web? Why isn’t your site #1 on Google? Your firm needs to be visible to its potential investors, clients, industry colleagues and select media.

Speaking to your audience: Presentation Pointers

Why do most investors want to hear a manager’s in-person presentation before embarking on a further commitment?

Perfect Pitch Revisited

Interestingly, “Perfect pitch” while published 5 years ago seems to be dusted off and revisited as the basis for many inquiries and workshops.

Holly Singer Interviewed by Hub Culture in Bermuda (June 24, 2015)

How can hedge funds reach “communication alpha?” Find out in this interview with HS Marketing’s Holly Singer and Hub Culture‘s Stan Stalnaker at the Global Fund Forum in Bermuda. June 24, 2015.  Watch the video. Communication Alpha® is a registered trademark of HS Marketing, LLC.

Communication Best Practices & Traps to Avoid (Webinar presentation)

Guest speaker: “Marketing Opportunities for Alternative Investment Managers.” 5/13/15 webinar for hedge fund and private equity managers. Request copy of presentation here.

Interviewed at Hedgeopolis – Watch on Asset TV

Watch and hear 3 fun facts about the Hedge Fund Association (HFA): Interviewed at Hedgeopolis New York, November 2014. Asset TV video >>

Drumming Up Business With a Different Drummer

Interviewed by William Freedman for Hedge Fund Marketing Alliance article published March 18, 2014: “Drumming Up Business With a Different Drummer.”  Marketing to differentiate yourself: Read more >>>

Perfect Pitch – How Not to Be Tone-Deaf to Investors

Interviewed by William Freedman for Hedge Fund Marketing Alliance article published February 4, 2014: “Perfect Pitch – How Not to Be Tone-Deaf to Investors.”  Read more >>>

JOBS Act: Who are the likely beneficiaries?

“While opening the door to more transparent communication, The JOBS Act is not a panacea and not the game changer it should be,” noted Holly Singer for Infovest21 News last week.  Infovest21 CEO Lois Peltz discussed the potential effects and beneficiaries of The JOBS Act with various industry spokespeople including MFA’s Steve Hinkson, Alston & bird’s Tim Selby, ASC Advisors’ Steve Bruce and HS Marketing’s Holly Singer.   12/24/13 article, read more: Infovest21_JOBS Act article

Effective Communication Methods: Best practices (HFMWeek article)

In a recently published HFMWeek article, “Getting Fund Marketing Right,” Intralinks‘ Andre Boreas and HS Marketing’s Holly Singer discuss effective communication techniques and best practices to engage more effectively with the investor community.  Fund marketing article: Effective Communication

Change is Here!

Change is Here! slide show presentation during Alternative Asset’s Hedge Fund Boot Camp in Boston (September 18, 2013). Speaker Topic: Articulating & Showcasing Your Capabilities: Using PR to Leverage Your Firm.

Speaker (Boston): Hedge Fund Boot Camp, Sept. 18, 2013

“Articulating & Showcasing Your Capabilities – Using PR to Leverage Your Firm,” Alternative Asset’s Hedge Fund Boot Camp (Boston),  September 18, 2013. Agenda and Registration – Read more >>>

Navigating the Post-JOBS Act Sea Change: article posted by The Hedge Fund Association

The Hedge Fund Association (HFA) posted “Navigating the Post-JOBS Act Sea Change” article on the association’s website together with hedge fund articles and white papers.  Read here >>>

Hedgeweek / Hedgewire article: The new rules of marketing, guidelines for managers

Hedgeweek article/ Hedgewire August 5, 2013: “The new rules of marketing: Guidelines for managers” Read more >>>

FINalternatives article: Tips for Hedge Funds Looking to Navigate the post-JOBS Act World

FINalternatives article by Holly Singer, published July 17, 2013: “Tips for Hedge Funds Looking to Navigate the post-JOBS Act World,”  hedge fund marketing takeaways for managers seeking to benefit from JOBS Act free speech while competing for assets from increasingly savvy investors.  Read more:

HS Marketing relaunches

HS Marketing announces the launch of our new web presence at

FRA Conference Speaker (New York): Developing and Upgrading Hedge Funds’ Marketing Toolkit

IIR Conference: Marketing and Client Servicing for Hedge Funds

Infovest21 article (quotes), “Branding for Hedge Fund Managers and Service Providers”

Interview & Quote Source: Branding for Hedge Fund Managers and Service Providers, Infovest21 Special Research Report

Webinar Speaker: Your Web Presence – Best Practices for Hedge Fund Managers

Your Web Presence: Best Practices for Hedge Fund Managers, Webinar hosted by Ropes & Gray.

Gerson Lehrman Seminar Speaker (New York): Branding: Best Practices for Fund Managers

Harvard Club of New York, Hedge Fund Seminar hosted by Gerson Lehrman Group.

Dechert Seminar Speaker (New York): Marketing Communications, Opportunities and Constraints for Hedge Fund Managers

“Marketing Communications: Opportunities and Constraints for Hedge Fund Managers.” Seminar presented by Dechert LLP

Jefferies’ Marketing Boot Camp Speaker (New York): Powerful Marketing Tools

Marketing Boot Camp, Program organized by Jefferies Prime Brokerage, panel discussion: “Powerful Marketing Tools: An In Depth Discussion with the Pros

FRA Conference Speaker (New York): Designing Your Marketing Materials

“Designing Your Marketing Materials” Presentation at conference by Financial Research Associates: Marketing & Client Servicing for Hedge Funds.

FRA Conference Speaker (New York): The Perfect Pitch, Become an Expert Presenter

Panel moderator/Speaker (New York): “The Perfect Pitch: Become an Expert Presenter” Organized by Financial Research Associates.

Emerging Manager Focus, Article Published, “Marketing Readiness: Tips on Collateral Development”

Emerging Manager Focus, Focus Point Press, Division of Opal Financial Group, Inc., Read more: MarketingReadiness_HSinger0507

Infovest21 Seminar Speaker (New York): How to Differentiate Your Firm

Infovest Seminar Speaker (New York): “How to Differentiate Your Firm”

AFSR Article published: “Perfect Pitch”

Article published: “Perfect Pitch,” Alternative Fund Services Review (AFSR), January/February 2004.

Press announcement, Elected to Board of Directors, MAHFA

Mid-Atlantic Hedge Fund Association (MAHFA): Elected Officer and Founding Board Member

Article published: “Marketing Communication, A Primer for Hedge Fund Managers”

PerTrac Solutions, Strategic Financial Solutions, LLC, Fourth Quarter 2002, Volume I, Issue 2.

Article published: “Rehearsing for the Show, How to Market Your Fund”, Banc of America Prime Brokerage Services, First Quarter 2002, Volume 3, Number 1.

IIR Conference speaker (New York): “Developing a Web Site”

Delivered during the Institute for International Research’s conference: Marketing & Client Servicing Strategies for Private Investment Partnerships (Internet Workshop).

Press quotes, Private Asset Management: “Marketing Tips For New Funds”

Private Asset Management, August 10, 1998 (article covering above conference).

B of A Seminar Speaker (FL): Differentiating Yourself and Defining Your Edge

Hedge fund seminar speaker (Key Biscayne, Florida): “Differentiating Yourself and Defining Your Edge,” How Hedge Funds Raise Capital: Preparing to Go to Market – Seminar sponsored by Banc of America Securities

IIR Conference panelist (New York): Gain a Competitive Edge Through Image Building

IIR Conference: Marketing & Client Servicing Strategies for Private Investment Partnerships conference. Delivered presentation titled “Gain a Competitive Edge Through Image Building”

Strategy Institute Conference panelist: (Toronto): How to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy to Successfully Match Your Funds to Qualified Investors

Strategy Institute’s Creating & Marketing Hedge Funds conference. Delivered presentation titled: “How to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy to Successfully Match Your Funds to Qualified Investors.”

Article published: “Creating a Web Site”

The Managed Funds Association’s September 1998 newsletter, The MFA Reporter