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Served as panel moderator for “Marketing to Hedge Fund Investor Gatekeepers” (Hedgeopolis 2016), The Hedge Fund Association’s Annual Insights Conference.  Watch the video, thanks Asset TV.



Served as panel moderator: The Hedge Fund Association‘s Sept. 7, 2016 San Francisco Symposium “Cybersecurity Challenges & Preparedness” with Darktrace CEO as keynote speaker. 

Is Your Press Release Newsworthy?  Published in the Hedge Connection blog, this article is reprinted with permission.  Whether you are a first-time author of a press release or seasoned professional, it’s easy to get so carried away as excitement builds over a promotional opportunity that we may easily forget to take a step back and consider the need for a reality check.  Before rushing into a PR campaign or crafting a single news announcement on behalf of a hedge fund, asset allocator or service provider. . . Review these these tips and traps.

Check out 5 basic questions about your identity. Find out what your logo says about you. Improve your marketing strategy.  How does Communication Alpha® benefit your marketing strategy?

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Proudly partnering with Princetonian Graphics’ design experts, we’ve been serving the alternative investment community – fund managers, futures traders, asset allocators and service providers – for two decades. Contact us.
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How can hedge funds reach “Communication Alpha?” Find out in this interview with HS Marketing’s Holly Singer and Stan Stalnaker from  Hub Culture at the Global Fund Forum in Bermuda. June 24, 2015.  Watch the video. Communication Alpha® is a registered trademark of HS Marketing, LLC.